Peripheral systems.

In order to guarantee the best possible performance for your fineblanking press, it is crucial that the peripheral devices run in perfect harmony.


Tailor-made systems and equipment.

Boost performance with our peripheral systems.

We develop tools for maximum performance. From analysis to concept to design, our specialists support you in finding the ideal solution.

coil levelling systems

Qcision fineblanking systems with integrated coil leveling systems allow optimized operating speed and contribute to the production of high-performing components for demanding applications. We have close partnerships to provide coil leveling equipment for our fineblanking systems.

Efficient and space-saving.

Compact coil levelling systems.

  • Minimal space requirements, save costs.
  • Short changeover times.
  • Levelling results can be corrected quickly.
  • High stroke rates.
  • Excellent system overview and short distances.

For the highest demands when it comes to alignment.

Conveyor systems in long design.

  • Up to 200 strokes per minute.
  • Minimal space requirement saves costs compared with the standard long design.
  • Short changeover times.
  • Levelling results can be corrected quickly.
  • Excellent system overview and short distances.
  • Short idle time at the end of the batch or during job changes.

Handling of parts and slugs.

Ideal parts output.

We optimise parts handling with removal systems specially developed for the fineblanking and forming process to guarantee reliable parts output even at high stroke rates.

of a conveyor system

  • No impact points on parts, plus separate output of parts and slugs
  • Position-oriented output of parts for further processing
  • Less noise
  • no oil mist
  • minimised air consumption.

tool changeover times

We offer manual and fully automatic tool changes in various designs for short changeover times in series production.

  • Short changeover times
  • Optimal tool handling