More economical, higher quality, and more productive: fineblanking multiplies your production success.


High-volume production
next level.

The fineblanking process is efficient and economical: three forces for multiplied success and maximum performance.

Game-Changer of the industrial future.

Starting with a demand of just 30,000 parts annually, fineblanking ensures maximum efficiency and significantly reduces price-per-piece investment costs. By combining multiple processing steps in a single press stroke at up to 200 strokes per minute, fineblanking brings unparalleled productivity and performance.


Our fineblanking systems guarantee cost-effectiveness @it's finest. It’s not only the production volume that matters ─ the higher it is, the greater the economic benefit of fineblanking. The number of substituted or integrated processes also influences economic efficiency. Fineblanking has a clear advantage over other processes.


Fineblanking results in clean, right-angled, cut- and tear-free surfaces. As part of our zero-error tolerance, no post-processing of the contours is necessary. This creates new potential and possibilities in your applications as well as for automated processing into assemblies.


With intelligent tool concepts and the combination of multiple processing steps in a single press stroke, we ensure unrivaled productivity in all projects.


With our comprehensive approach and keen understanding of interconnections, we can create a production plan that allows you to optimize the use of resources and raw materials.