With our patented feinforming technology, we are actively shaping the future of fuel cells and electrolyzers.


through precision.

By precisely processing the thinnest material thicknesses, we achieve potential savings in weight and volume. This ensures an even more compact arrangement of the fuel cells in the stack while simultaneously increasing power density. With our lightweight structures, we are paving the way for powerful and compact vehicle drives.

of the future.

As a pioneer in fineblanking and forming, we are actively shaping the technological world of tomorrow. With feinforming, we have developed a holistic process that surpasses other production methods in terms of precision, tolerance minimization, and component optimization. With feinforming, we are taking the production of key components for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEM) and solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) to a new level. We are also improving the production of connecting cables and solid oxide electrolyzers (SOEC), setting new standards for sustainable energy solutions.

The heart
of fuel cells.

In vehicles with PEM technology, hydrogen (H2) is converted into water using oxygen (O2) from the air. Bipolar plates play a central role in this process. They structurally serve as carrier plates and form the two poles of the fuel cell. In addition to their low weight, the high precision of the components is crucial. This is ensured by simultaneously producing all internal and external geometries relevant for stack construction, as well as the flow environment.


Feinforming enables the processing of extremely thin material thicknesses with minimal tolerances. Thanks to our own high-precision toolmaking design and manufacturing expertise, we are able to fulfill and master the highest precision requirements. The perfect interplay of press (FB one) and tools guarantees maximum performance. By optimizing the use of materials, design implementation, and production, we unlock new potential for reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of fuel cell technology.

Precision & Quality



Consistent channel height homogeneity without fluctuations in the resulting material thickness and precisely positioned reference points for laser welding.



Cutting geometries integrated into the tool for maximum precision and a dedicated transfer system ensure fewer production steps.